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This menu is for shipping orders only. For customers that would like a Murray's delivery or to place an order to pick up in the store use our site as a guide to what we serve & give us a call at 212-724-2650 between 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. **Prices subject to change without prior notice.**
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"Caviar is another great item; you can be sure Murray's carries the finest."
Bulgarian Osetra (priced per 1 oz.)
A Caspian Sea Sturgeon being farmed in the Danube River region of Bulgaria, this caviar has all of the well known characteristics of the Caspian Sea Osetra including color, size and its well known nutty flavor. Truly a treat for any caviar connoisseur.
French Osetra (price per 1 oz.)
A fabulous discovery for caviar lovers looking for a new experience hailing from the Siberian sturgeon, this Osetra has been cultivated under exacting & natural conditions. Not enough O's in smooth to describe the taste.
American Sturgeon (Hackleback) (priced per 1 oz.)
This wild large fish delivers a beautiful and flavorful caviar, very comparable its cousin, the Caspian Sevruga, but at a much more wallet-friendly price. The flavor is earthy and bold, but with a lovely, delicate buttery taste that smooths over the palate. The caviar pearls are small and glossy, the color varying from darker grey to a lighter silver.
Alaskan Salmon Roe (priced per 4 oz.)
Large robust eggs that burst in your mouth with perfect flavor.
Taramosalata (8 oz.)
A delicious Mediterranean caviar spread made from the delicate roe of carp. It can be served as a dip with vegetables or as a spread on bread or crackers.

Smoked Fish
"The best smoked fish in the best city in the world - Zagat Market place survery.
Eastern Smoked Salmon Nova (priced per 1/2 lb)
This is our most popular salmon. Smoked & cured to our famous recipe. These salmon's come from the Faeroe Islands or from eastern Canada. Silky in texture & melts like butter in your mouth "Where the salmon & sable are as smooth as silk." - NY Magazine
Sturgeon (priced per 1/2 lb)
Imported from Northern Canada, its light smoke & soft texture make it extremely succulent & flavorful.
Sable (priced per 1/2 lb)
Sable also known as cod fish is caught in northern Pacific waters off Alaska by long line fisherman. Cured & smoked, then brought to life with garlic, paprika & just a modicum of salt. Simply mouth watering. "Sable is a near perfect taste experience." - WCBS Radio.
Kippered (Baked) Salmon (priced per 1/2 lb)
Kippered (baked) Salmon is a classic. First cured than smoked resulting in a moist, flaky fish with a delicate smoke flavor. It can be sliced in beautifully long strips or in one piece (chunk).
White Fish (priced per fish)
Fished in the cold waters of the Great lakes, our white fish is firm & very moist providing a wonderful taste in every bite. Each fish typically weighs between 2 1/2 - 3 pounds. All whitefish are filleted unless otherwise specified. **The weight & size of each fish varies - so will the price.**
White Fish (priced per 1/2 lb)
Fished in the cold waters of the Great lakes, our white fish is firm & very moist providing a wonderful taste in every bite.
Grav Lox (priced for 4 oz.)
Refers to the Scandinavian custom of marinating the fillets of salmon with salt & dill & pressing them together under a weight of snow & ice as way of preserving the dried fish for the winter. Today, the salmon is dried cured & combines the flavor of fresh dill & pepper corns.
Scottish Smoked Salmon (priced per 4 oz.)
Smoked using the finest oakwood chips from old whiskey barrel in the scottish tradition for up to 36 hours enabling it to acquire it's perfect flavor.
Smoked Trout (priced per fish)
Smoked trout is fished from cold waters & is smoked to absolute perfection. Two fillets come from one trout.
Nova Wings & Heads (priced per piece)
Nova wings & heads are cut from our premium salmons & can be enjoyed in so many ways. Use them as soup stock, fry them in a pan or just eat them cold.
Mild Salt Cured "Lox" (priced per 1/4 lb)
Mild Salt Cured "Lox" is a Pacific salmon. Not smoked, rather brine and salt cured for a unique texture & delightfully salty taste. Commonly referred to as "belly" lox.

Kosher Deli Meats
All our meats are under strict orthodox Rabbinical supervision
Salami (priced per 1/2 lb)
Our kosher salami have their own distinct blend of garlic & spices that truly remind one of old New York. This is sliced to order.
Small 12 oz Salami (priced each) $12.99
Dried Hard Salami (priced per 1/2 lb)
Our flavorful large salamis are cured long & slow for a delicious flavor.
Pastrami (priced per 1/2 lb)
Slow cured & hand basted, ours has been "battle tested" in the toughest proving ground - New York City.
Corned Beef (priced per 1/2 lb)
Slow cured to perfection. Not fat & not lean. Just right - a real crowd pleaser.
Pickled Tongue (priced per 1/2 lb)
Completely trimmed & slow cured for a minimum of 3 weeks, providing a truly tender cut of meat.
Roast Beef (priced per 1/2 lb)
Murray's uses only the finest juicy I-roast/rounds & cooked to a rare perfection with garlic & black pepper.
Turkey Pastrami (priced per 1/2 lb)
Flavored with peppercorns and other seasonings and then cured and smoked. great in salads and sandwiches for lunch. Gluten free.
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast (priced per 1/2 lb)
Skinless & fat free never tasted so delicious.

Using no preservatives, our salads are prepared on premises daily, by hand, insuring their fresh distinctive taste. Priced per pound
"NEW" Kosher Alaskan Seafood Salad (1/2 lb.)
Classic seafood salad made from fresh Alaskan Pollock. Kosher and parve like all our salads.
Tuna Salad (priced per 1/2 lb)
Experience our award winning tuna salad for your self. Made with tuna, sweet onion & our special mayonnaise.
Whitefish Salad (priced per 1/2 lb)
Using the finest whitefish available, we add sweet onion, celery & our special mayonnaise. We chop everything by hand ensuring chunkiness.
Chopped Herring Salad (priced per 1/2 lb)
Made from our famous pickled herrings with applesauce, sugar & just a pinch of vinegar, producing both a sweet & tangey taste. A real delight.
Egg Salad (priced per 1/2 lb)
A timeless classic. Hand chopped eggs mixed with sweet onion, celery & a touch of salt & mayonnaise.
Spinach Egg Salad (priced per 1/2 lb)
Add raw spinach to a timeless classic & the result is truly unique.
Vegetarian Chopped Liver Salad (priced per 1/2 lb)
Served at Murray’s for over 25 years, this award winner tastes like real chopped liver, but without the chicken liver or chicken fat. Made with sweet peas, string beans, eggs, walnuts, sautéed onions and just a pinch of salt and pepper.
Chopped Chicken Liver (priced per 1/2 lb)
A Jewish tradition that lives on at Murray’s. creamy & delicious the way you remember.
Hummus (priced per 1/2 lb)
A Middle Eastern treat made right here with chick peas, tahihi and soybean oil.
Babaganoush (priced per 1/2 lb)
This Middle Eastern favorite is made with eggplant, mayonnaise, garlic and eggs.
Waldorf Salad (priced per 1/2 lb)
Created at New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in the 1890's not by a chef but by the maître d'hôtel, this delicious and refreshing salad is made with chopped apples, walnuts, celery and our special dressing. An original take on a classic salad.
Spanish Eggplant (price per 1/2 lb)
Straight from the saute pan comes this delicious mix of eggplant, tomatoes, onion, and garlic. Simmered in a tangy tomato sauce, this classic blend of veggies makes a lovely appetizer or intriguing addition to any meal.

Seasonal Soups
All soups are made to generations old family recipes, on premises, using only the freshest vegetables & ingredients.
Chicken Noodle Soup (priced per quart)
Made with vegetables, noodles & chicken. You don’t have to be sick to really enjoy this all time classic.
Consomme Soup (priced per quart)
Made with onions, carrots and flavored with chicken stock. You do not need a prescription to enjoy.
Matzo Balls (priced per each) $2.95
Potato Leek Soup (priced per quart)
Made from potatoes, leek and non-dairy creamer, this delicious soup can be enjoyed hot in the winter and cold in the summer.
Split Pea Soup (priced per quart)
This Murray’s favorite is made from green peas and flour. No meat or meat bones are used in this flavorful classic.
Borscht (priced per quart)
Served cold, this year round classic is made with beets, cucumbers, a small amount of sour cream and just a pinch of garlic. A taste all its own.

Pickled Lox (priced per 1/2 lb)
A true delicacy. Large Alaskan King salmons are pickled in our special solution then cut into large thick strips. Shipped with our clear or cream sauce.
Pickled Herrings (priced per fillet)
Prepared the old fashioned way - by hand. The herrings arrive in barrels & then are carefully cleaned & soaked to remove the salt & then pickled in Murray's own special solution. We sell them fresh, not packaged with your choice of our award winning cream sauce or in a clear (wine) sauce.
Schmaltz Herring (priced per fillet)
Salt cured in barrels. Real old fashioned treat. Sold by the fillet in oil & raw onions.
Matjes Herring (priced per fillet)
Whole fillet of Swedish herring served in a red wine sauce.

Bagels & Bialys
Bagel (priced per 1/2 dozen)
What’s more delicious than fresh New York Bagels. Your choice of plain, poppy seed, sesame seed, onion, pumpernickel or everything. Please use our special instructions field if you would like to specify exact quantities of each bagel type.
Bialys (priced per 1/2 dozen)
Round like bagels but softer, with a slight onion taste. An authentic New York food worth trying.
Sliced Jewish Rye Bread (1 Loaf)
Seedless only.

Cream Cheese
"The cream cheese is lighter & less dense then that packaged stuff." - NY Magazine. Made right here in Murray’s, our handmade cream cheeses can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.
Plain Cream Cheese (priced per lb)
Plain cream cheese for the purists. It's gentley whipped into the smoothest cream cheese anywhere.
Scallion Cream Cheese (priced per lb)
Abundant with scallions, this flavorful addition is the perfect touch.
Vegetable Cream Cheese (priced per lb)
Plentiful in scallions, carrots, green peppers & just a small amount of celery this is a rich companion to our bagels & smoked fish.
Tofu with Scallion Cream Cheese (priced per lb)
66% less fat than traditional cream cheese. A wonderful non-dairy substitute for those who can't have it.
Walnut & Raisin Cream Cheese (priced per lb)
Made with black currants & walnuts. A rich flavor which goes great with crackers or as a hors dorv.
Lox Cream Cheese (priced per lb)
Made with large chunks of salmon.

Premium Cheeses
We are proud to offer a selection of premium cheeses by Artisanal Premium Cheese.
Comte (1/2 lb)
Comte is made from the raw milk of red and white Montbeliard cows in the Jura Mountains of France in Franche-Comte. The cheese is produced in small, cooperative dairies, known as "fruitières” which collect the milk from 15 miles around only. Country: France. Milk Type: Cow. Cheese Type: Firm.
Quicke's Cheddar (1/2 lb)
Quicke's Cheddar is crafted from the milk of 340 head of cattle on a farm in Devon, England. The cows produce milk year-round and are grazed on grass for as many as 10 months each year, yielding a more flavorful end product. Quicke's Cheddar is made in the traditional style of English farmhouse cheddars - that is, it is bound in cloth, larded, and left to age for 18 months or more. Country: Great Britain. Milk Type: Cow. Cheese Type: Semi-Firm.
Zamorano (1/2 lb)
Zamorano is a hard sheep's milk cheese, noticeably nuttier and richer than its Spanish cousin, Manchego. The nomadic shepherding families of Castille-Léon have been hand-crafting Zamorano for centuries. Zamorano has a sharp, moderately gamey, sheep's milk flavored bite and texture that melts in the mouth. Country: Spain. Milk Type: Sheep. Cheese Type: Semi-Firm.
Uplands Pleasant Ridge (1/2 lb)
One of the most exquisite farmstead cheeses made in America. This award-winning cheese is a wonderful rival to France's noble mountain cheese, Beaufort. It has a nutty, rich, clean flavor and milky finish that shows off the extremely high quality of the cow's milk. Country: USA. Milk Type: Cow. Cheese Type: Firm.
Geit-in-Stad (1/2 lb)
A smooth firm texture that practically melts in your mouth leaving a sweet mild aftertaste. Perfect for those who are lactose intolerant. Country: Netherlands. Milk Type: Goat. Cheese Type: Firm.
Tomme Fermiere d'Alsace (1/2 lb)
Tomme Fermiere d'Alsace is a firm, washed-rind (smear-ripened) cow's milk cheese made in the Alsace region of France. Each wheel is washed several times with a light fruity Alsatian wine. Country: France. Milk Type: Cow. Cheese Type: Firm Smear.
Taleggio (1/2 lb)
A semi-soft, washed-rind cheese from the Valtaleggio region in northern Italy, near Lombardy. It is characteristically aromatic, yet mild in flavor, and features tangy, meaty notes with a fruity finish. Country: Italy. Milk Type: Cow. Cheese Type: Washed Rind.

Sweets & Dried Fruits
Premium dried fruits, baked apples, homemade rugelach, old fashioned crumb cake are a perfect way to end any meal.
Rugelach (priced per lb)
Hand made especially for Murray's. This timeless classic pastry is a wonderful way to end your meal. Our assorted rugelach is made with either apricot or raspberry preserve, walnuts, cinnamon & butter. There are approximately 24 pieces in a pound.
Old Fashioned NY Crumb Cake (by the piece)
Selected "Best Crumb Cake in New York made from an old family recipe with extra large handmade crumbs and a rich moist base. Each piece is approximately 3" X 3".
Noodle Pudding (priced per piece)
A Jewish tradition. Homemade with layers of noodles, cheese & raisins. Each piece can serve up to 2 people.
Halvah (priced per lb)
This delectable treat is available in marble, marble with nuts (almonds & cashews) and vanilla. Be careful - one bite & you are hooked.
Baked Apples (priced per apple)
Made on premises, the apples are made with golden raisins, apple juice, a touch of butter & a hint of honey & baked in our oven until the skin is just right. You can serve either cold or room temperature.
Rice Pudding (priced per 1/2 lb)
This is my mom's recipe for Rice Pudding. It's the best I've ever tasted and it gets rave reviews from incredibly satisfying dessert.

Dried Fruits
Jumbo California Apricots (priced per 1/2 lb) $12.00
Glazed Australian Apricots (priced per 1/2 lb) $10.50
Turkish Figs (priced per 1/2 lb) $6.98
California Medjool Dates (priced per 1/2 lb) $9.99
California Pitted Prunes (priced per 1/2 lb) $7.99
California Pears (priced per 1/2 lb) $7.99
California Peaches (priced per 1/2 lb) $7.99

Assorted Nuts
California Pistachio Nuts (2 lb Bag) $33.99
Pistachio Nuts (priced per 1/2 lb)
California's finest.
Large Cashews - Salted (priced per 1/2 lb) $7.98
Large Cashews - Unsalted (priced per 1/2 lb) $7.98
Shelled California Walnuts (priced per 1/2 lb) $7.98
Shelled Pecans (priced per 1/2 lb) $7.98
Fiberts/Hazel Nuts (priced per 1/2 lb) $6.00
Almonds - Roasted (priced per 1/2 lb) $7.98
Almonds - Natural (priced per 1/2 lb) $7.98
Assorted Nuts - Salted (priced per 1/2 lb)
Contains cashews, filberts & pecans.
Assorted Nuts - Unsalted (priced per 1/2 lb)
Contains cashews, filberts & pecans.

Sides Salads
Add zest to your meal with one of our delicious homemade side salads
Israeli Salad (priced per 1/2 lb)
Made with tomato, onion & cucumber & marinated in lemon juice.
Health Salad (priced per 1/2 lb)
Made with green and red peppers, tomatoes, onions, carrots and cabbage while marinating in sweet light vinegar.
Cucumber Salad (priced per 1/2 lb)
Made with carrots, onion & cucumbers & is marinated in sweet vinegar.
Cole Slaw (priced per 1/2 lb)
Made with shredded cabbage, green peppers and carrots and our special mayonnaise. It marinates in sweet vinegar.
Potato Salad (priced per 1/2 lb)
A true classic made with large chunks of potatoes and mayonnaise. We add grated peppers and carrots for its distinctive taste.
Fruit Salad (priced per 1/2 lb)
Made daily from the freshest and tastiest fruits available. Typically it contains cantaloupe, honeydew, apples, oranges, grapes, kiwi and strawberries. We add watermelon and blueberries when the season permits. Extremely refreshing.

Our well stocked shelves of fine staple items & distinctive foodstuffs make Murray’s a convenient one-stop gourmet shop.
Gefilte Fish (priced per piece)
Extraordinary fresh, Murray’s gefilte fish is full-bodied. It’s never fishy or dry, but the flavor tends a little toward buttery softness. A hamische gefilte fish. Made from whitefish & pike.
Homemade Horseradish (priced per 1/2 lb)
White or red.
Homemade Deli Mustard (priced per 1/2 lb) $2.99
Homemade Russian Dressing (priced per 1/2 lb) $2.99
Knishes (priced per Knish)
Made from fluffy pastry dough, our round knishes are baked not deep fried resulting in a unforgettable taste experience. Choose you favorite knish filled with potato, kasha, spinach, sweet potatoes, or broccoli & cheddar cheese. " Murray's offers some of the most delicious knishes that will ever melt in your mouth." -- New York Daily News
Potato Pancakes - Latkes (priced per 3 pieces)
T-H-E CLASSIC POTATO PANCAKE! Spans all Nationalities and Generations. EXCELLENT as a Side Addition to any Meal or for Lunch, Snacks or Treats at any time. Just Heat and Eat! Serve with Applesauce or Sour Cream or Both
Pickles (Quart)
Original New York Style Pickles. Perfect for every occasion. Order Sour and/or Half-Sour.
Sour Tomatoes (Quart)
Pucker up. New York's Finest Sour Tomatoes in one quart jars.

Gourmet Coffee
Murray’s offers the finest coffees roasted from the finest Colombian, Kona and Jamaican beans. Shipped in the whole bean, unless you specify how you would like the coffee ground.
Hawaiian Kona (priced per 1/2 lb) $13.00
Jamaican (priced per 1/2 lb) $13.00
Kenya AA (priced per 1/2 lb) $10.00
Mocha Java (priced per 1/2 lb) $10.00
Danish Supreme (priced per 1/2 lb) $10.00
Colombian Supreme (priced per 1/2 lb) $11.00
French Roast (priced per 1/2 lb) $11.00
Colombian Swiss Water Decaf. (priced per 1/2 lb) $11.00
Viennese Cinnamon (priced per 1/2 lb) $10.00
Irish Cream (priced per 1/2 lb) $10.00
Amaratto (priced per 1/2 lb) $10.00
Hazelnut Coffee (priced per 1/2 lb) $11.00
Seville Orange (priced per 1/2 lb) $11.00
French Vanilla (priced per 1/2 lb) $11.00
Sumatra (priced per 1/2 lb) $11.00
Costa Rica San Pablo (priced per 1/2 lb) $13.50
Copenhagen (priced per 1/2 lb) $13.50
White Chocolate Mousse (priced per 1/2 lb) $13.50
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