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The Critics Choice

"The best smoked fish in the best city in the world for fish" say cultists of this "tiny", "immaculate" Westsider; add "wondeerful slicing" impeccably fresh caviar & the "nicest old world manners & service" & you understand why it is "crowded" even if purchases are a "major investment."

Zagat ratings: Quality - 28; Value - 25; Service - 24

--Zagat Marketplace NYC Guide

"Pardon our gushing, but we love Murray's. The shop specializes in smoked fish, kosher deli meats, chopped liver & the smoothest, whitest tuna salad anywhere."

--New York Magazine

"The very best tuna salad can be found at Murray's. It's so white it's almost luminous & that's not so much of an exaggeration...The only thing about Murray's tuna is that it doesn't really taste like tuna fish but more like some kind of exotic, succulent white shredded meat."

--New York Perspective

"Caviar is a another great item. You can be sure Murray's carries the finest."

--New York Magazine

“Murray’s is the place to get herring salad, whitefish salad and the most amazing spinach and egg salad ever. You won’t believe the tuna salad either.”

--WCBS Radio, NY

"Whether you're looking for caviar, smoked fish, an unforgettable knish - or dozens of other items in this spotless little shop - you know you'll alway get the freshest & the very best."

--Daily News - The Best of New York

"...offers some of the most delicious knishes that will ever melt in your mouth."

-- New York Daily News

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